Thank You To These Mentors

by Kristie Burk

A few weeks ago, I published the article “Food for Thought Friday: Which Colleagues Should be Your Mentors?”  Several of you wrote in to thank your mentor in the district. Since we’ve had a pretty dreary winter, I thought some of these nice messages would be a great way to start this Monday!

This first one really exemplifies the point in the article on reverse mentors:

From Joe Peck: When Susan Rogers (6th grade center) started with the district at Lionville Middle School, I asked to be her mentor.  So I mentored her through the first year and she mentored me for the next eight!  She is a wonderful teacher, a solid friend, and has come to be one of my favorite people..  We are lucky to have someone like her in our district!

From Donna Patrizio: I would like to share that Chuck Menas (4th grade WB) was an excellent mentor and teammate. Chuck was excellent at keeping me focused on the true purpose of teaching, which is the students. He taught me not to get overly concerned at all the pressures put on teacher from many outside agendas. Chuck taught me to move on with material in fourth grade. Some students need another year of maturation to conquer some concepts. If you move on, they may excel at the next chapter in the subject. I was very fortunate to teach along side of Chuck Menas.

From Loraine Glazier: A terrific mentor here at school that would be my mentor Jeannine Rhatican. I don’t think she gets enough credit for all that she does for me and our students. I am a long-term sub for Renea Ryan for this school year and Jeannine has been by my side with guidance from the start. She has a positive outlook and is highly committed to helping me be successful. Jeannine provides support without judging and has patience that is always appreciated. Her sense of humor can pull you through a very trying day. If there was a prize for being the BEST MENTOR, Jeannine Rhatican deserves that prize!

From Tracy M. Michinok: Dr. Jaffe was a mentor to me. He taught me how to run the library!

From Terri-lee Cook: Ben [Mountz] and Chaz [Nelson]! I learn so much from you…you are a wealth of knowledge. . . “Liberians”. . . And “Stars” . . . You excel in what you do . . . And “Coaches” . . . So open and willing to share. Thanks to for making my Blended teaching experience one of the most rewarding professional development experiences ever!

From Kellie Brewer: The HR Department represents a wonderful team environment where Sharon Standish has been my “Star” mentor, representing the dedication to succeed in constant improvement and forward thinking to propel an organization into the future. Dawna Hankins is the “Coach” who is approachable and facilitates the processes of resolving each dilemma. Ruth Smith is the “Librarian” offering an abundance of resources and treasure trove of experience. Barbara Millard, who I am especially grateful for, has exemplified the role of “Connector” by introducing me to others, which acclimates an outsider to the people, work culture, and organization’s systems. Kim, Kelly Jo, Jeff, and Crystal represent “Teammates,” who show how professional collaborative work produces results. I am sure I will not stand alone in my appreciation of each dedicated HR employee who is integral to the core functions of this organization. For me personally, this group has made my experience at DASD rewarding on multiple levels and I am grateful for their time, instruction, and efforts.




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