Month: March 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday: Open Ed Resources

open ed logoToday’s guest blog is written by Ellen Resnek, Social Studies Teacher at DHSE.

by Ellen Resnek

I just found this site called Open Ed and so far I’m impressed!   Open Ed is the “world’s largest K-12 resource library” with a million videos, quizzes, and homework assignments aligned to Common Core and other standards.  The resources come from PBS Learning, National Geographic, San Diego Unified, Pearson , Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and more. Teachers can modify the lesson plans or create their own.

It’s easy to find what you want. OpenEd also offers over 5,000 already-built free assessment questions. All assignments, quizzes and assessments are automatically graded and presented in a mastery chart.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


Food for Thought Friday: Does Education Make You Happier?

by Kristie Burk

So what do you thinBe Happy by Capture Queen â„¢, on Flickrk? Are more educated people happier than less educated people? Do you think higher educational attainment is linked with mental well-being?

If you’d like some food for thought, check out the answers in this recently published study!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Lots of Ideas from Edcamp!

by Kristie Burk

Saturday’s Edcamp was wonderful!  We had over 100+ educators sharing their ideas and collaborating throughout the morning.  We cannot wait to repeat the experience.

Here is the Google Doc from the event:  Click on any of the sessions to get notes – and be certain to check out the “Smackdown” notes at the bottom of the page for great app/website suggestions.

Here are some of the comments from the event on Twitter.  We hope you can join us next time if you missed!

Brian Hostetler @Brian_Hostetler: Def feel like I left EdCamp smarter that when I entered…or at least with a ton of excitement and awesome ideas. Thanks #edcampdtown

Christina Brennan @christybrenn: Thanks SO much @DASD_Schools team who’ve put together #edcampdtown Love that you’ve brought #edcamp to Chester County.

Aubrey Pace @aepace: Empowering teachers to share: What you are doing is awesome and others should know about it!

John Walsh @jwalsh61: Awesome discussion about 21st century libraries with Michelle Nass!

Nicole Konert Stulak @nstulak#edcampdtown IS AMAZING!!!!

JSchray! @mrsschray: Love meeting so many amazing positive educators today!

Kahon Dean @KahonNikki: Having a great day here at  #edcampdtown

Sheyna Land @SheynaLand: Major thanks to @DASD_Schools for hosting #edcampdtown!

Mrs. McCafferty @MrsChem38: What a great day! Spent with awesome teachers! #edcampdtown #dasdstem

Ben Mountz  @BenMountz: Hats off to all my new #edcampdtown friends! … got tons of great ideas from some brilliant and creative minds!

Haven Benedict @mrsbenedict8: What a great experience at my first edcamp at #edcampdtown

etechman @profetech115: Thanks #edcampdtown great stuff!







Website Wednesday: Use Storify to Gather Info from Social Media

by Kristie Burk

In today’s world, gathering news and information always includes the Internet. It’s also becoming increasingly more important to include social media as part of our news gathering, including tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos. Today’s website is called Storify and it lets teachers and students organize content from social media sites to tell a “story.”

Teaching students digital literacy is an important skill. Educators can use Storify with their students to teach them how to curate information about a topic; users can even add their own commentary to the content they include.  Storify allows users to create meaning out of asynchronous conversations, videos and images.

Here is an example of a Storify that I created on Saturday’s Edcamp:

Are you using Storify in your classroom? Let us know how!

Removing Yourself from A Schoology Group

by Kristie Burk

Over the last few weeks, several people have asked for help on removing themselves from a Schoology group.  If you want to remove yourself from a group, it is very simple to do.  First, go into your group on Schoology.  Then, scroll down a bit until you see a link on the left-hand side that says, “Leave this group.”  Click on it and – voilà! – you’re removed.

You can watch this 46-second video if you want to see a visual:

Website Wednesday: Recite

by Kristie Burk


Today’s website is called Recite and it allows you to create your own beautiful visual images for quotations.  You can make your own quotations, quote someone about whom you’re teaching, or capture your students’ thoughts. You can even ask your students to create their own as part of a project.

The idea is very simple. First, you type your quotation in the box on the home page.  Underneath the quotation, scroll through and select your favorite image.  Then, click “create.”

Recite will create the image for you, which you can select to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media.  You can also download the image, get a link to the image, or email the image to a friend.

Try it out and let us know what you think or how you plan to use this site.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Color Code Your Schoology Folders

by Kristie Burk

day1As most of you know, some of my favorite technology tips are the simple ones.  Today’s tip comes from Alyssa Day, social studies teacher at DHSE.  In her AP Psychology class, she changes the color of the “current” folder, so students can easily see where they are supposed to be in the course.

Not only is this idea easy to do, but it follows the Universal Principles of Design, which suggests using color for information or emphasis.

In Schoology, you can change the color of your folders when you add or edit them.  If you have a good technology tip, let us know at!day2