Food for Thought Friday: Which Colleagues Should be Your Mentors?

by Kristie Burk

In a recent article from Fast Company on the “The Five Types Of Mentors You Need,” Art Markman writes about the importance of having a group of five different kinds of people, not just one person, surrounding you to help you succeed.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a rookie to need a mentor — and your mentor doesn’t always have to be older than you.

Markman’s list of people that you need as your mentors includes:

  1. The Coach
  2. The Star
  3. The Connector
  4. The Librarian
  5. The Teammate

“[Librarians] are aware of all kinds of hidden resources. Hang out with these people so that you don’t end up reinventing the wheel when you are working on a project.” – Markman

Is there someone specific in the district who has been a good mentor to you?  Write me about him or her in a few brief sentences at and I’ll publish the results in a future article!



  1. I would like to share that Chuck Menas (4th grade WB) was an excellent mentor and teammate. Chuck was excellent at keeping me focused on the true purpose of teaching, which is the students. He taught me not to get overly concerned at all the pressures put on teacher from many outside agendas. Chuck taught me to move on with material in fourth grade. Some students need another year of maturation to conquer some concepts. If you move on, they may excel at the next chapter in the subject. I was very fortunate to teach along side of Chuck Menas.


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