Food for Thought Friday: Evaluating Your Impact

by Kristie Burk

Earlier this week, Dr. Reed sent out an article to the administrative team from Educational Leadership on “High Impact Leadership.” The author, John Hattie from the University of Melbourne, Australia, looks at “high impact instructional leadership.”   Most notably, he learned from his meta-analyses that the following leadership traits produce very strong results:

  • Believing in evaluating one’s impact as a leader: effect size .91
  • Getting colleagues focused on evaluating their impact: .91

How often do we take the time to evaluate our impact as leaders in the school community (we’re all leaders in some way) and do we seek out feedback from others?  On this Food for Thought Friday, think about these words from Hattie:

“The high impact leader creates a school climate in which everybody learns, learning is shared, and critique isn’t just tolerated…but welcomed.”

How about I start!?  If you have any feedback for this blog, let us know at  Have a great weekend!


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