Edcamp Downingtown

Edcamp Downingtown
March  21, 2015
8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Downingtown STEM Academy

What is an Edcamp?

Edcamps recognize and honor the expertise of teachers. Each Edcamp is organized by educators, for educators. They aren’t professional development based on what someone else says that you need to learn or know and are truly participant-driven.

The sessions are developed on the day of the event, based on the interests and questions of the people who give up their time to learn from and with other educators. There are no outside experts; the teachers who show up, working together, are the experts.

What will happen at EdCamp Downingtown?

Edcamps are not your traditional conference.  When you arrive in the morning, we’ll begin with a free breakfast and some networking time.  We will have a whiteboard with classrooms and session times, but no sessions…yet.  Do you have an idea for a session you’d like to lead or a conversation you’d like to have? Simply walk up to the board and write in your idea!   You don’t need to have a full-blown presentation with slides and handouts; we just need you to facilitate the session— the other folks in the room will take it from there!

If you don’t want to lead a session, you can head to the topics that most interest you, but be prepared to share!

Click Here to Register

Questions?? Email us at DtownTechChat@dasd.org!


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