Website Wednesday: Photovisi


by Kristie Burk

Two teachers at DHSE, Alyssa Read and Chaz Nelson, told me about Photovisi, a great website that allows students to create collages on the fly. Mr. Nelson, for example, asks the students to create a collage of natural disasters as an introduction to his science course.  Ms. Read asks her students to make collages to create a visual representation of a concept that they’ve learned textually, including pictures they’ve drawn themselves.

The whole project takes just three simple steps:

1.  The students select from a variety of templates.

2.  The students upload the pictures they want to use from the computer or a camera. They can even add text to the pictures.

3. The students can download the collage or share it via email, Facebook or Twitter. Make sure the students download and save the pdf, Mr. Nelson warns; Photovisi currently saves it for just a few days if it’s shared.


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