Edcamp Downingtown Registration is Now Open! #edcampdtown

by Kristie Burk

Are you ready for a different kind of conference? Edcamps are a totally different professional development experience and have become an international phenomenon. We’re having one in Downingtown, the only one in the area, on March 21st.

Registration is now open for the event!

When you arrive at the Edcamp in the morning, YOU get to decide on the agenda along with the other passionate and motivated educators who will be joining you.

You can show off a project, a technique, a tool, or a neat lesson. If you don’t have anything to share, you can ask questions like…

How do we get students to read more?

How are we preparing students for work and citizenship in the modern world?

What exactly should we be teaching students and when?

You can be a presenter — educators can choose to lead sessions with the understanding that everyone who participates will be sharing his or her own knowledge – or you can just attend and share.

It’s F-R-E-E! We even have a full breakfast provided by our generous sponsor, AXA Advisors.

Register here!


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