Website Wednesday: Getting QR Codes for Websites More Quickly

This post was written by guest blogger Amy Schott, science teacher at DMS.

by Amy Schott

As we’ve heard, QR Codes seem like all the rage these days. However, did you know that you can quickly and easily create a QR Code in Google Chrome (browser)? By using a Chrome extension that automatically shortens URLs and adds them to your clipboard, you can! I recently added a Chrome extension to my browser and then used it to create a QR Code for the Mascot Madness Challenge in order to put together flyers to post in the building. I also used the shortened URL to post on Schoology! I quickly and efficiently spread the word. It is called ShortenMe. Here is the link to get the Chrome extension:

Using ShortenMe is quite simple. Once installed you will see 3 little dots to the right of any URL. Simply click on it and you will see a drop-down window, like in this screen shot. Click on the QR Code and it will tell you that either the link or the code is copied to the clipboard (it cycles between these choices). Open your document, webpage, Schoology, etc and copy the link or code (I love the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to paste quickly). Voilà, mission accomplished!


If you don’t use Chrome, Google still has a solution for you! Simply go here: to paste in the long URL, it will make it short and create a QR Code (you have to click on details). See pictures below for “a look.” Google also keeps track of all the URL’s you have shortened using (I always make sure I am signed in, just to be sure). It also tracks the click count and browser type. Gotta love that data!


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