Website Wednesday: Turning PDFs into Beautiful Digital books

Nazi_bookIt is not often that I get super excited about a particular website, but I absolutely love FlipSnack! FlipSnack takes your boring pdfs and turns them into a flippable book. I’ve tried similar websites before, but I like the range of options that FlipSnack provides above some of its competitors.

The steps are simple. You upload (or drag and drop) jpeg or pdf files to the website. In the second step, you can customize your book by the type of flip, the cover page, and background options, including an uploaded picture. One of the options that is somewhat hidden is the checkbox to “merge all files into one.” This takes all of the files and creates one book.

The results are lovely; you get a beautiful, flippable book with a link to share with students or to post on Facebook or Twitter. And it’s all done using the free version. In addition to making pdfs more interesting to view, teachers can create their own electronic textbooks. I’ve also seen samples where students create a book as a culminating project. Take a peek at FlipSnack and let me know what you think.


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