Tech Tip Tuesday: Prevent Copyright Violations with Images

by Kristie Burk

Today’s Tech Tip is about a tool that is not particularly sexy, but it is prevents you from being sued.  So there.

The tool is called ImageCodr  and it helps people to generate proper attributions for Flickr images you would like to use on your own blog,  website, or digital pages.   Flickr currently hosts more than 200 million images that are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

If you want to use a Flickr image, the process can be laborious.  First, you need to be sure that you understand the image’s license and whether or not you can share and/or adapt the image.  Then, you must be sure to give the author proper credit, to link to the Flickr profile, and to link to the image’s license. If you’re using multiple images, this process could take time.

ImageCodr takes all of the work out. Once you find a Flickr image you want to use, you simply copy and paste the URL of the image into ImageCodr. The website will automatically generate a table telling you four things: if you can share the image, if you must attribute the image to the author, if you can use the image commercially and if you’re allowed to alter the image. (No more excuses for not understanding how the license works.)

At the bottom of the ImageCodr page, select the size of the image that you would like and the site generates the html code that includes both the image and the correct attribution. Copy and paste the code into your website or blog and you’re done!



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