Keep Calm and Kahoot On!

Today’s guest blogger is Alison Weichel, a Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Downingtown Middle School. We learned about what she was doing when Rob Farina tweeted a picture of her using Kahoot!  

by Alison Weichel

kahootAs a Family and Consumer Science teacher, I work with a largely project-based curriculum. In the sewing room, I instruct my students how to properly operate a sewing machine, and they complete a project from raw materials such as fabric and thread. In the foods room, the students complete no fewer than 5 cooking labs, and they learn about, among other things, kitchen utensils, cooking terms, and how to read a recipe.

So the question is: how can I integrate the power of technology and apps into my classroom? I have discovered a quiz game called Kahoot that is a fantastic tool for many reasons!

  • The students do not have to download an app before class- it is accessed through their web browser on their device (usually either Safari or Chrome).
  • I create quizzes on “” and the students log on to “” and enter my specific game.
  • I project the quiz on the front screen, and the students light up with excitement!
  • The quiz question appears on the front screen, and students use their devices to respond. They earn “kahoots” (points) if they answer correctly, and more kahoots if they are the first one to do it.
  • At the end of each question, a leaderboard appears, and the students love seeing if they are winning, or beating their friends with more points.

After I created a free account, I made a few quizzes on the topic “Parts of the Sewing Machine.” Usually, this is a topic that the students are uninterested in. They don’t get excited about learning the difference between the presser foot and the foot pedal, and they always confuse the stitch length knob with the stitch width knob. But now– with my kahoots review game—they are actually requesting to play this 10-question quiz over and over again!

With the repetition and excitement of Kahoots, my students are now learning, memorizing, and having fun more than ever before!


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