Tech Tip Tuesday: Shortening a URL

by Kristie Burk

Happy Tuesday, folks!  This week’s tech tip is a simple one, but it’s extremely useful. If you have a  long URL that you need to share with your students (and you’re not interested in creating a QR code), you can use a URL shortener.

There are several tools that can help you.  Google does this automatically, for example, when creating a Google Form.  Two of my other favorites tools to use are tinyurl and bitly.  Both work the same way.

Copy and paste in a long link and tinyurl or bitly will return a much shorter one. This is particularly useful if you’re sending a URL in a message or you want your students to type in the URL.  Tinyurl will even let you create your own custom link for the job.

For example, I have a large link to this Google Doc that I want to share:

If I copy and paste the link into tinyurl, I get a much more manageable link to share:

Notice how I can even make a custom link that looks even better:

How cool (and easy) is that!? Try it out and let us know what you think at



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