Tech Tip Tuesday: Use Batchgeo to Plot Information on Maps


by Kristie Burk

It is cold today.  The weather got me thinking about where I’d rather be, which leads me to today’s very cool tool.  Check out the map that I created to the left!

Batchgeo is a great tech tool that teachers and students can use to map data, such as addresses, intersections, cities, states, and postal codes.  You can also add other information tied to each location.

I created a spreadsheet with just two data points: city and today’s high temperature. I copied and pasted the cells into Batchgeo and, in just a few seconds, all of the cities were marked on a Google map with the temperature data attached.

Batchgeo accepts addresses, intersections, cities, states, and postal codes.  Teachers could use Batchgeo for some interesting projects.  English teachers could ask students to plot locations in a novel; social studies teachers could map locations of important historical events; business teachers could have students plot potential locations for a new retail store; elementary school teachers could use it to plot the locations of famous events that occurred in Pennsylvania.

Or you can just use it to dream about where you’d rather be today…


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