Website Wednesday: Math Teachers Recommend Twiddla

by Kristie Burk

twiddlaI am very excited to be working on Schoology with some of the high school math teachers today as they start to prepare their curriculum for a blended classroom model for the Downingtown Ivy Academy. It is only fitting, then, that today’s website recommendation came from these math teachers during a recent online discussion.

The website is called Twiddla and it allows students and teachers the opportunity to share a real-time whiteboard.  You can even use audio. You don’t need an account to use Twiddla and neither do the people that you invite to your “meetings.”

“I have been using Twiddla when helping my cousin in NY with Algebra problems.  It’s a great way to go through problems with a person who is not next to you.  It allows all parties involved to “write” on the whiteboard (the iPad works best – you can use your finger or a stylus).  Twiddla provides you a link so you can have guests working on the whiteboard at the same time.” – Sean Farrell, DHSE Math Teacher

Another similar website is called Stoodle, which also works very nicely on both an iPad and desktop browsers.

There are many uses for an interactive, digital whiteboards in the classroom.  Teachers can use them to collaborate, review, illustrate or share ideas with their students who may (or more likely may not) be in front of them.  Students can also use whiteboard websites to work on group projects, to review homework assignments with a peer or tutor, or to work on problems with teachers.

“I have used Twiddla as well with a friend that lives across the country and took a stat course to finish up a degree.  We had tried to use emails, and with some of the notations it took more and more time to sit down and type out an email.  The interactive component [in Twiddla] when multiple people can work together was very helpful – I could go through and pick out the spots were mistakes were made.  Twiddla is very useful during “office hours” time when students are not in the classroom – they will still be able to reach out to get help.” – Jamie Krusinsky, DHSW Math Teacher

 If you’re using online whiteboards in your classroom, let us know at!

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