Tech Tip Tuesday: Chop Youtube Videos

by Kristie Burk

This technology tool is one of the simpler ones out on the web, but I find it to be invaluable.  It’s called TubeChop and its purpose is to allow people to take a cut of a YouTube video.  How many times have you wanted to show someone just a small piece of a YouTube video or, worse yet, you needed to cut out an inappropriate part?  You can do this by editing the embed code, but TubeChop makes it easier.

To use TubeChop, you need to enter the url of the video you wish to edit. The video will appear in a window; you can either click on the timeline or type in the start and end times that you want. You can also add in additional comments. Click on the “chop it” button and you’re done! TubeChop will give you both a link and embed code.

Here’s a TubeChop of the Ivy Academy video on Youtube.


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