This Is The Last Week to Get a Discount on the iPad Course!

by Jonathan Blow

Integrating iPad Technology into the Classroom will be held January 26 – February 6 on Mon, Tues,  and Thurs from 4:15-7:45 at the STEM Academy.*

Just a reminder that this is the last week to get a discount on the University of Arts courses starting in January. Each class will cost $803 for 3 credits. The classes have been pre-approved and they’re eligible for reimbursement.

Downingtown has put a major focus on integrating iPads into the classrooms.   Marsh Creek is 1:1 iPads, Middle Schools will soon be 1:1, and the elementary schools will see more iPads in the classroom in the future.   In order to properly utilize this tool, teachers need to know how to use and integrate the iPads.   This course is an iPad Basics course.

The introduction of the iPad brought the power and functionality of a full-size computer system into a lightweight, user-intuitive, mobile tablet and educators have since rapidly embraced it to meet computing needs and fill specific niche roles.

Discover how technology can increase engagement, allow access to vast content and provide the ability to create media to share stories with visuals and sound, and signal what lies ahead for students. Bring technology into integrated use throughout the curriculum by using tablet devices and their applications to explore the development of lessons applicable to a range of subject areas through cross-curricular sound and video projects. Consider how the iPad can be an integrated professional tool for classroom management and for creating and sharing content.

This class will cover:

  • Overview of iPad
  • Settings and Setup
  • Creating iTunes Accounts with/without credit card
  • Using two iTunes Accounts on a single iPad
  • Enabling and Using AirPlay
  • Downloading Apps
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Accessibility and other features

In order to get the DASD discount, call the University of Arts at 215-717-6006 to enroll.  The discount will be available until Wednesday.

 *An iPad is required for this course




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