One Week Left to Get Discount on University of Arts Courses in DASD!

by Kristie Burk

Just a reminder that there is just one week left to get a discount on the University of Arts courses starting in January. Each class will cost $803 for 3 credits. The classes have been pre-approved and they’re eligible for reimbursement.

Today, we’re going to tell you about the Google Apps for Education course.  (Tomorrow we’ll discuss the iPad course.)

Google Apps for Education will be held on January 27 – March 3 on Tuesdays from 4:15 – 7:45 at the STEM Academy.

This year, DASD started using Google Apps for Education, a suite of tools that allows teachers and students to communicate and collaborate more easily using Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms. With Google Apps for Education everything is automatically saved in the cloud. This allows users to access, edit, and share documents everywhere on any device.

Students in this course will create projects that can be used in their classrooms and have immediate impact on student learning. Some of the projects include using Google Apps for Education to:

  • Create a paperless workflow
  • Save documents to the cloud
  • Share folders and projects among students and other teachers
  • Integrate with Schoology
  • Create and share Google documents that users can collaborate in together in real-time
  • Design classes where teachers can use Google to update once and hit multiple classes
  • Make and share a presentation
  • Create and share spreadsheets
  • Construct a Form to collect data from students or parents
  • Use Google Apps to create formative assessments
  • Utilize the Share settings to collaborate online

Through the development of these projects, students will become familiar with the Google user interface. Students will also understand the relationship between Bloom’s Taxonomy and the SAMR model.

In order to get the DASD discount, you must call the University of Arts at 215-717-6006 to enroll.  The discount will be available until December 17.




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