Tech Tip Tuesday: Find Out Which Apps Have a Limited Free Offer

by Kristie Burk

This week’s tech tip is about Appsgonefree.  Kelly Davis, an awesome chemistry teacher at Downingtown East and future chemistry teacher for the Ivy Academy, suggested it to me. The free app (wouldn’t that be weird if you had to pay for it??) highlights apps that are free for that day.  Most of the apps listed normally sell for $.99 to $7.99.

The apps are randomly listed and usually fall into different categories.  Using this app is a little like fishing; sometimes you get a great catch and sometimes you go home empty-handed. If you have little time to browse the App Store, Appsgonefree is a great tool to help you explore apps that you might not have otherwise discovered.

When you access Appsgonefree, you’ll be given the title of the app, a brief description, current reviews/ratings, and a download button. Today I was offered apps that allow me to tune a musical instrument, block children from going to certain sites on the Web, workout for 7  minutes, or handwrite events into a calendar.

One last aside in this post…I mentioned that this app was shared with me by a colleague. As educators, we can never know every technology tool that is useful for our classes, so we need to make sure that we have professional learning communities where we can share our ideas and our discoveries. Thanks, Kelly!


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