Come Participate in the Global One Hour of Code!

by guest blogger Suzanne Hanbicki, DASD 6-12 Business Education Curriculum Leader

Join the largest learning event in history on December 8 – 14! Help celebrate Computer Science Education Week by participating in a global hour of code. Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science that any teacher can easily implement at any time next week.  Don’t worry – you don’t need to know anything about coding to participate!

Why promote the Hour of Code? By the year 2020, there will be 1 million more computer science jobs than the number of computer science students, according to the US Department of Labor. Computer Science jobs are growing at two times the national average and 67% of computing jobs are outside the tech sector. Computer science helps cultivate creativity, logic and problem-solving skills and is becoming a necessary skill for many industries.

There are terrific free videos, tutorials and lessons available at and Most of these projects use block languages, which feature drag and drop blocks to set up the program. If you have been on Google lately, you may have already had some fun with the Holiday Lights project.

For those at the elementary level, there are many beginner Made With Code projects, including those that will allow younger students to make their own beat, to accessorize a selfie, and to create an animated GIF. Older elementary and middle school students might appreciate the more complex beginner projects available at such as creating snowflakes with Frozen characters or making a flappy bird game. There are other projects available for our advanced students to use JavaScript to draw.

Take a few minutes to jump online to check out the projects and look over the Teacher’s Notes. Make your own Flappy game while you are there and put it on your phone.  You will have a new piece of technology, made by your own hands.

Help your students become makers of technology rather than simply users of technology and check out the projects. You will have a great time making computer science projects and so will your students!

If you’re planning to participate in the One Hour of Code, let us know when and how at!


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