Tech Tip Tuesday: Step Away From the Podium with Remote Mouse


by Kristie Burk

Happy Tuesday, friends!  This week’s tech tip comes from Kirk Johnson, an awesome English teacher at Downingtown East High School.  I was giving a Prezi last year and had to keep returning to the podium to double click the mouse around the screen.  He approached me later and said, “You should use Remote Mouse.”

Remote Mouse is an app that turns your phone or tablet into a wireless mouse and keyboard. Yes, we’ve all used those little clickers.  This app lets you click on your presentation, but you can also double-click, right-click, scroll, drag, or use the keyboard.  And it’s all done wirelessly. You can use the free version or pay a few dollars and get some more features – like voice recognition.

It’s a well-reviewed tool and, let’s face it, how cool will you look in your classroom using your phone to control the screen? Check it out and let me know what you think!



  1. This is what I have been looking for. I have the Keynote remote but I needed something for my powerpoints. I have the app downloaded on to my phone and my computer but it is not connecting. Hopefully I can get some help on how to do this.


  2. I think that I got it all set up. It took awhile for my phone and laptop to make the connection. It also took awhile for the advance buttons to work. I finally was able to advance my power point slides.


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