Tech Tip Tuesday: Poll Our Students

by Kristie Burk

Poll Everywhere allows teachers to gather real-time feedback from students in a fun, interactive way.   On the Poll Everywhere website teachers can create polls that are open-ended or multiple choice.  They can even include images.

Using simple keywords and codes, students can text, tweet, or manually enter their responses on a website and they will appear in an interactive, live screen instantaneously.  Students can watch the bar graph, ticker wall, or word clouds appear and see each others’ anonymous responses.  The teacher will get instant feedback from the students to inform her teaching.


The implications for use in the classroom are numerous and exciting.  Teachers can ask students to share portions of journal responses, to submit summaries of a text, or to explain key concepts.  They can use Poll Everywhere to assess pre-knowledge or to use as a formative assessment during a lesson.  They can even ask students to ask any questions they may have; in an anonymous format, teachers are more likely to get responses.  And the good news is that teachers can set their poll to be moderated for open-ended answers, so no embarrassing comments will make to the live screen.

One of the newest features in Poll Everywhere is the ability to use clickable image polls.  For example, teachers can put an image of a church on the screen and ask the students to “click” the flying buttresses.  Or, they can put up a map and ask students to indicate where a battle was fought during World War II.

If you’re using Poll Everywhere in your classroom, let us know what you’re doing with it.  And if you have a tech tool that you would like to see highlighted, tell us!


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