Website Wednesday: Stoodle, An Interactive WhiteBoard

by Kristie Burk

It’s Wednesday and the students in your first period blended class have an online period.  You get a message from one of your students that she needs help understanding a concept.  She is actually still at home – and you’re in your classroom. What do you do?

Or you have given out a homework assignment and you get an email message from some parents that they don’t understand the math problem.  How can you help?

Today’s Website is called Stoodle and it is an interactive whiteboard that would allow teachers and students to collaborate in real-time without needing to be face-to-face.  There are many digital whiteboards available, but I like Stoodle for 6 specific reasons:

  1. It’s free.
  2. The web platform allows you to write, draw, or upload images and your students can see it in real time.
  3. There is a chat feature where you can write messages back and forth with other people in the classroom. If you’re connected to your device’s microphone, you can even talk to the people with whom you collaborate in the online whiteboard space. In other words, your students can add to your Stoodle and you’ll be able to watch what they’re doing!
  4. The whiteboard works on both an iPad and desktop browsers, a very important feature when you’re BYOD like East and WEst.
  5. Students do not need to login to access the whiteboard.  The creator of the whiteboard just needs to create a “classroom” and share the URL.
  6. You can save your whiteboard for review later.

There are many uses for an interactive, digital whiteboards in the classroom.  Teachers can use them to collaborate, review, illustrate or share ideas with their students who may (or more likely may not) be in front of them.  Students can also use Stoodle to work on group projects, review homework assignments with a peer or tutor, or work on problems with teachers.


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