You Can Now Take Tech Ed Courses For Credit Right Here in Dtown!

by Kristie Burk and Jon Blow

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the University of Arts!  Starting in January, all Downingtown staff will be able to take college-credit courses at a discount from the University of Arts right here in the district…and we will be your instructors!  Here are the two courses we will be offering in early winter:

iPad Basics (ETEC 513NM 10)

Instructor: Jonathan Blow
January 26- February 6
Mon, Tues, Thurs 4:15-7:45

Bring technology into integrated use throughout the curriculum by using iPads and their applications to explore the development of lessons applicable to a range of subject areas through cross-curricular projects. Consider how the iPad can be an integrated professional tool for classroom management and for creating and sharing content.

Google Apps for Education (ETEC 520NM 10)

Instructor: Kristie Burk
January 27 – March 3
Tuesdays 4:15 – 7:45

DASD now has Google Apps for Education (GAPE).  Understand how to implement and use GAPE in your  classrooms. Learn how to leverage these new tools to find information, connect, and share on the web. Improve your use of Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms to help facilitate creation and collaboration in your classroom.

There are a lot of reasons to register for one (or both!) of these courses:

  • The classes will be conveniently held at the STEM Academy.
  • The classes are blended, so you meet both online and face-to-face.
  • The University of Arts has allowed us to use Schoology as the learning management system for the course.
  • Jon and Kristie are teaching the classes, so we can align the curriculum with our district goals.
  • You will get three credits for the courses.
  • The University of Arts is giving DASD staff members a 15% discount on tuition and a 25% discount if we have more than 30 enrollees for a course.

In order to get the DASD discount, you cannot register on the website.  You must call the University of Arts at 215-717-6006 to enroll.  The discount will be available from November 10 – December 17.  After December 17, the classes will be open to educators outside of DASD for registration.

Have questions? Email us at


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