Teacher Feedback on the QR Article

by Kristie Burk

I know that it has already been a long week for many of you, which is why I particularly appreciate those teachers that took the time to respond to the QR Code article from earlier this week. I just wanted to share some of the feedback that we received:

From Lois Grasso, Marsh Creek Technology Integration Teacher:

Just wanted to add a few tips that helped us with using QR codes with iPads at Marsh Creek.  I have been working with teachers in the classroom showing them how to change their instructional practices using the iPad.  Here are some additional resources:

Want to know other ways teachers are using QR codes in the classroom? Watch the TED-Ed video called “The Magic of QR codes in the Classroom.”

Also, be sure to use a QR app or website that can both scan AND create QR codes. We use the FREE Quick QR code reader & creator app for the iPad at Marsh Creek.

From Claudia Carosella, East Ward Librarian:

For a fun project using QRcodes, contact Desiree Threadgill at Beaver Creek!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


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