Tech Tip Tuesday: Use QR Codes in the Classroom

by Kristie Burk

By now, you’ve probably seen those ubiquitous QR codes.  Quick Response codes are specially-designed barcodes that can be read using a mobile device with a camera and an app. If students have a QR reader, they can scan the codes from a poster, card, flyer, Smartboard, etc.

QR codes can link to websites, videos, Twitter, Google maps…basically anywhere online. Some generators will even allow you to use dynamic URL codes, so you can change the links without changing the QR code itself.

There are lots of free applications to help teachers create their own QR codes.  First, you should probably get a QR code reader.  I use QRReader, but you can find the one that best suits you and your device.

Second, you need to get a QR code generator and think about ways you can use QR codes in your classroom. Kathy Schrock has compiled an excellent list of resources on this topic.  Use my QR code below to go to her website!





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