Trello: Organizing and Sharing Your Life

by Jonathan Blow

Like checklists or staying organized?! – this post is for you!!   Keeping track of sticky notes, checklists and projects can be very overwhelming to say the least.   Trello is a great tool to improve planning and organization and it is a FREE, yes FREE!

Trello is a software that provides a user with the space to post, plan, assign and track any project or task. Very similar to a dashboard look, a user will create what is referred to as “cards” for various situations.  Teachers, you can create a “card” that includes notes for students on a particular subject – you could even share the “card” with parents or students.   This program isn’t just for teachers though…it’s for anyone who loves to be organized.  Create “To Do” lists, share grocery lists, collaborate with colleagues on a topic – the list is endless.

So what are some of the advantages and uses for Trello:

  • It’s free…both the web-based application and the mobile app!
  • You can add members to view and edit any card
  • Create checklists
  • Create deadlines
  • Manage members

6.)   Add voting options

I have personally seen many teachers and admins using this program, both for personal and professional applications.   Give it a try…you never know, it may make your life just a little bit easier.



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