Website Wednesday: Using Quizlet To Help Your Students Study Better

quizletby Kristie Burk

This week I’m going to share with you Quizlet, a website that allows teachers (or students themselves) to create their own flashcards, games, and other activities to study vocabulary and spelling words. Created by a high school sophomore almost 15 years ago, Quizlet now has over 11 million users.

Last week, my fifth grade son used Quizlet to study his vocabulary words. He entered all of the words into Quizlet with their definitions. (You can see his Quizlet by clicking on the flashcard.) Once he typed the words, which only took a few minutes, he could “play” all the following activities:

  • Flashcards – Quizlet presents the word to help the students study the definition. One click on the word will “flip” the card.  Students could also choose to start with the definitions showing or alternate between both.
  • Learn – Quizlet will present the definition and students have to type the word. There are options to add audio or to see the words first.
  • Scatter – (This game was my son’s favorite.)  The words and definitions are scattered on the page and students have to race against the clock to try to connect them.
  • Race – The definition races across the page and the students have to type in the matching word to “destroy” the box.
  • Speller – Quizlet reads the words to the students and they have to spell them by typing them into a box.

My third grader even got in on the action.  He wasn’t too excited to study his weekly spelling words last Thursday, so I made him a quick Quizlet.  He used the “Speller” game. Because it was so enjoyable, he spent quite a bit of time “studying” his words!

Quizlet will also embed into Schoology, which means that students can access all the games without leaving your class.  Fran Evans and Lauren Taylor both teach a blended Introduction to Foods class and recently used a Quizlet to help their students learn measurements.

If you don’t have the time to make a Quizlet for your students, share the website with them or their parents – it helps make studying at home much more fun!


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