Students Can Create Free Timelines on

Timeline2by Kristie Burk

Last week I was talking with Alyssa Read who teaches a blended honors African-Asian course at DHSE. She showed me how her students are making digital timelines as a class assignment using Timeline from The projects she was holding looked very cool.

In addition to being free, Timeline is also easy to use. Students start by typing their name and their project title. A timeline appears and students can begin adding events by clicking anywhere on the line. A window will pop up that asks for a label, a short description, and a long description.  Students can also add images.

Once an event is created, students can drag and drop the event anywhere on the timeline. When they’re finished, students can save the timeline as a rwt file that can be reopened by the teacher later or they can print it out.  There are so many great ways that teachers can use timelines from elementary school through senior year.  Check it out and let us know what you think!


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