Website Wednesday: Edudemic’s Teachers’ Guides to Technology and Learning

teacher's guides to technology and learningby Kristie Burk

When you’re blogging about education, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact that many teachers are still in the newbie stage of using technology. For example, the other day I was talking to a teacher who didn’t really understand hashtags and was asking me how to use them for classroom purposes.  We had a lot of fun exploring the trending hashtags that day!

To help, I showed the teacher this website from Edudemic that offers teachers’ guides to technology and learning, including one on “Twitter for Teachers.”  If you like learning through infographics, you’ll find these tutorials helpful. (An infographic is a visual meant to explain complex information. )  The guides also include links to other useful websites for further instruction.

The list includes guides to

  • Twitter
  • the flipped classroom
  • badges in education (and not the kind you used to get in Scouts)
  • the Library of Congress
  • choosing the best digital content
  • keeping students safe online
  • Google Glass
  • digital scavenger hunts
  • Pinterest

Most of the guides are very thorough.  For example, besides the basics, the Twitter guide reviews copyright issues when citing tweets – yes, it’s a thing! – and specific ways to use Twitter in the classroom.  I even learned that Twitter and Tweet should always be capitalized!

My only criticism, besides the weird spacing issues within the guides, is that I’d love the guides to include some video or more pictures of what we’d see on our screens.  Take a peek and let us know if you find these guides useful by tweeting (I just can’t bring myself to capitalize this one) me @KristieLBurk using #websitewed.


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