Tech Tip Tuesday: Make Better Lists with Wunderlist


 by Kristie Burk

You’re probably carrying around a list (or two or three) of things to do.  I have a grocery list, a work to-do list, a list of things to remember for the kids, etc. If you do too, check out Wunderlist.  Wunderlist is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create different checklists that can sync to your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire and the Web.

I like this app because it’s simple and clean; the lists are easy to make and to understand.  Some great features of Wunderlist include:

  • sharing with others.  You can share a work list with colleagues, friends, or family members.  I created a grocery list and was able to share it with my husband while he was at the store. (Thanks, hon!)
  • due dates.  Put a due date on an item so that you don’t forget to complete it.
  • notifications. You can get an email or in-app notifications that remind you to complete items. (I need this.)
  • assign tasks to others.

Sometimes, it’s the simple apps that make our lives so much better!  If you use Wunderlist, tell me about it using #techtiptues.


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