Use EdPuzzle to Get Kids to Pay Better Attention to Videos


by Kristie Burk

The other day I had to watch a 20 minute video for someone.  I have to admit, I started multi-tasking during the video; I posted to Facebook, watched my Twitter feed, and checked email. I felt guilty for not paying attention – but it was just too hard to sustain my attention. And I’m not a teenager!

How can we get kids to be more interested in an educational video and how can we be sure that they’re learning the material?  This question led me to find Edpuzzle.

Edpuzzle allows teachers to take videos from a variety of sources, including Youtube, Khan Academy, National Geographic or your own repository, and embed quiz questions within the video.

There are several other websites that offer this functionality, including Educanon, but Edpuzzle is my current favorite for a variety of reasons.  First, it is beautifully designed in its ssimplicity  Once teachers select a video, they step through a series of steps that allow them to cut the video, add audio clips or create quiz questions. The steps are clear and each one includes a straight-forward help video posted right on the screen.

Second, Edpuzzle allows teachers to choose multiple choice or short answer questions.  (Other websites limit this functionality.) We educators all know that short answer questions are harder to answer, so I appreciate this additional feature.

Third, unlike many of its competitors, Edpuzzle does not require students to provide an email address to get an account.

Fourth, Edpuzzle produces some fascinating data for the teacher to analyze.  As long as the teachers assign their video to a “class,” the website will gather data on the answers of the students. Teachers can see how the students did overall or how many students answered a particular question correctly.  My favorite piece of information is a graph that shows the teacher which parts of the video the student watched and how many times. It also clearly shows the parts of the video that the student skipped.  (Just think about how useful this information can be when a student wants to know why he or she did poorly on the quiz.)

Fifth, you can embed Edpuzzle right into Schoology!

Would you like to see how it works? Click on my sample video above.  Please note that you will not be able to answer the questions because you are not my student logged into my class.  However, you’ll be able to see how it works in general.

Give Edpuzzle a try and then let me know what you think!


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