Edcamp is coming to Downingtown – Join Us!

by Kristie Burk

We’re going to have an Edcamp here in Downingtown on March 21st.  Mark your calendars and plan to join us!

At the risk edcampof sounding very Alice-in-Wonderlandish, an Edcamp is an “unconference” for teachers. Unlike traditional conferences where the agenda, workshops and break-out sessions are dictated by the conference developers, the participants at Edcamp pick an agenda at the start of the event. Anyone who attends can be a “presenter;” teachers can choose to lead sessions with the understanding that everyone who participates will be sharing his or her own knowledge.  In other words – YOU are in charge!

And did I mention that the conference is free?  Edcamps are free of vendors, free of conference fees and free of keynote speakers.

When attendees enter the conference space, there is usually an empty whiteboard where people can suggest a topic. If you have something you’d really like to share, you can sign up your conference idea.  If you have a problem with which you’re wrestling, you can sign up your conference idea and ask people to bring their ideas. Later, attendees vote with their feet and go to the sessions that most appeal to them.

I attended an Edcamp Leadership conference at UPenn in August and it was amazing.  When I walked in at 8:00 am, the conference wasn’t “formed.”  By 9:00, I had so many workshops from which to choose! Here is a link to all of the workshops that were proposed AND links to all of the notes taken by the attendees.  Can’t you just see all the great learning and sharing that takes place?

Please plan to join me, Jonathan Blow, Jennifer Saksa, Nick Indeglio, Jon Ross, Ben Mountz, Justin Staub and Michelle Nass in March at Downingtown’s first Edcamp!



  1. Sharing ideas and resources with other teachers is so worthwhile. Will anything like this be offered during one of our in-services?


  2. Hi Steve – We’re going to try this in March to see how it goes. If it’s successful – it’s definitely something we can try to replicate!!


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