Website Wednesday: Use Padlet to Get Your Students to Post Their Ideas

by Kristie Burk

padlet_001A great brainstorming tool on the web is called Padlet, a virtual wall where people can post easily post a “note” that includes images, text, or links. The wall displays in real-time and doesn’t require users to login to post notes, which makes it a very easy tool to use with students. Because it’s on the web, it’s also a great tool to use when students are using different devices (BYOD).

The educational options for students are endless. Some of the sample Padlets show a student’s visual representation of the Odyssey, a weekly to do list, or even a portfolio.

I like Padlet’s “look,” which allows users to change the wallpaper, and its ease of use. I also appreciate the sharing options, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the ability to save the wall as an image, pdf, or Excel spreadsheet. Padlet even generates a QR code for sharing.

Take two minutes to try Padlet for yourself. Click on the image to the right to view my Padlet. Double click anywhere on the screen to add your note!


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