Tech Tip Tuesday: Text Your Students or Parents with Remind

remindby Kristie Burk

Here’s your first assignment for the year… do you want to improve communication with students and parents?

Let’s face it – students don’t use email. In fact, their parents don’t really use email as much anymore, either. Parents and students alike are more likely to get a text message than an email message. Yet, teachers understandably do not want to send students text messages that will allow students to see their mobile numbers, or worse, to send back inappropriate responses.

Remind solves these problems. The concept is simple. Teachers register their mobile number on the website and create a class for free. Students (and parents) then subscribe to the class either through email, a link, or a text message.

Once the students and the teachers are linked, teachers can send out text messages to the students instantly or they can schedule future messages. Remind hides BOTH the teachers’ phone numbers and the students’ phone numbers from each other. The messages are one way; students cannot reply to the message or send messages to the phone number that appears.

My son’s fifth grade teacher at Shamona Creek, Mrs. Chalfont, uses Remind to text the parents about upcoming tests and quizzes.  I use Remind to text my blended teachers to let them know if I’m in their building that day.

Remind can become an extremely valuable tool; it’s really useful for all educators!



  1. I use Remind 101 all of the time. The students are on their phones all the time so it gets to them quickly. The parents love it because it keeps them in the loop without having to ask the kids. It is a great tool for last minute things… bring textbooks, meet in the library, test tomorrow…


  2. I use Remind101 a lot in my classrooms. I love the new feature where you can send a text to a group of students (rather than the whole class). I have used this to remind students when late assignments are due! I love all the new features. If the students download the app, they can now use the stamp function. I had one student put a question mark when I sent a reminder about an assignment. I sent her a message on Schoology and asked if she needed clarification. Overall, I have been very happy with this app.


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